Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Grill Saga

*le sigh*

TheAccountant and I have decided to throw a Super Bowl party.  When we decided to do this, we had an idea: why not use this as the excuse to purchase a grill, something we've been planning on buying for some time but just hadn't yet?  Excellent.  So, reviews were read, features compared, and a lovely grill was ordered from

I ordered it on January 22.  That evening, I got an email from Lowe's telling me that my shipment had been delayed a day, and the grill would ship on the 23rd.  I need only contact them if this was unacceptable.  Okay, no problem.

January 23 was a pretty busy day for me, and I didn't have a chance to check my email until the 24th, when I saw that I'd gotten another shipment delay notice.  Now it wasn't going to ship until the 24th.  Okay, fine.  Except this time, the email explicitly stated that if I didn't contact Lowe's, my order would be cancelled.

Well, this directly contradicted the previous email, but whatever.  So I call the number listed in the email, only to be told that my call couldn't be completed as dialed, please try back later, bye.


At that point, I looked up Lowe's general customer service number, and called it.

Same recording.

Double fail.

I tried again three hours later, and actually got ahold of a live human being.  Very polite, very professional, though she couldn't understand how or why I would have gotten the initial email indicating that I didn't need to contact them.  However, the grill would ship out the next day if that was okay with me.  Yep, so long as it would get here before Super Bowl Sunday.  Which, she assured me, it would, so I said the shipping delay was fine.

Now, this last part is hardly Lowe's fault, but it just adds the icing to the cake.  The grill was scheduled for delivery by UPS yesterday.  When it didn't arrive, I thought that was odd, but also thought that perhaps, recent weather in Houston having been what it was, that they had a bit of a backlog and it would be delivered today.  Now imagine my reaction when I got a phone call this morning.

"Hi, yes?  This is kind of awkward, but I think I have your grill.  I live on another street in your neighborhood, and it was delivered last night.  I found your number on the packing information, and it looks like we have the same numerical address.  Want to come pick it up?"

Yes, yes, I would.  On the bright side, it was delivered to the house of an honest person (and yes, of course DH will be going with me to pick it up).  Sadly, I expect a lot of people nowadays would say "FREE GRILL!  AWESOME!" and never call in the first place.

Ah, well.  Tasty grilled meats (and veggies...and fruits...) are worth even this.  Still, it's all a bit ridiculous, no?


  1. I'm glad it worked out in time. Macy's was used to order Partner's Christmas gift (an expensive set of steak knives from Germany) I ordered three weeks before Christmas. They didn't show up. I get an update later that they're delayed but will ship for Christmas Eve. On Christmas Eve, with a storm out that prevented last minute shopping I get an email that the item isn't available any longer.

    So no Christmas gift for him. I won't be shopping at Macy's ever again.

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